Transportation Committee Sets Agenda

meiercs03Senator Curt Meier, Chairman of the Joint Transportation, Highways, and Military Affairs Interim Committee, announced the committee will meet on December 12-13 in Room UU322 at Casper College to discuss draft legislation.

According to the meeting agenda, which can be viewed here, the committee will take up several issues relevant to treasurers on Monday, December 12th.  The committee will discuss:

  • 9:45 am — Vehicle Registration Compliance:  Draft legislation on Vehicle Registration – Penalties and Vehicle Registration, Rebuttable Presumption

Both of those bill drafts are centered around penalizing Wyoming citizens that avoid sales tax or registration fees by registering vehicles out of state.

  • 11:00 am — Yellowstone License Plates

There has been a movement to create a Yellowstone license plate to improve Wyoming’s identity with Yellowstone Park, especially since Montana already has a Yellowstone plate.    The license plate model would be similar to the UW one, where the vehicle owner pays a significant fee that goes towards the Park’s benefit.

Here’s a link to the meeting’s materials, including the bill drafts.

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