Legislature Leadership & Committees Set

harshmansh37The members of the Wyoming legislature have finished choosing their leadership and setting committee assignments for the upcoming legislative session that begins January 10th.

Representative Steve Harshman (Natrona) will lead the House of Representatives, while Senator Eli Bebout (Fremont) will be President of the Senate.

There were several changes in committees that the WCTA works with, as well.  While Rep. Madden and Sen. Peterson will continue to chair the Revenue Committees, Rep. Eklund will step in to replace Rep. Zwontizer, joining Sen. Meier to head the Transportation Committee.

Here is a full list of the Revenue and Transportation Committee members:


Representatives Madden (C), Connolly, Dayton, Murphy, Hallinan, Kinner Laursen, Obermueller, Paxton.

Senators Peterson (C), Case, Ellis, Kinskey, Wasserburger.


Representatives Eklund (C), Blackburn, Blake, Brown, Court, Crank, Edwards, Loucks, Piiparinen.

Sentators Meier (C), Agar, Anderson, Baldwin, Christensen.

The full list of all the committee and leadership assignments for the upcoming session can be found here.

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