Meier Announces for State Treasurer

Sen. Curt Meier, currently co-chairman of the Transportation Committee, has announced his intention to run for State Treasurer. 

Meier likened managing the state’s $20 billion portfolio to running an agricultural operation, telling the Torrington Telegram, “When you’re in agriculture, you have to make decisions as to what profit centers might be profitable this year against others that might not make a profit. It’s the same situation when you’re looking at (state) investments.”

Meier also said he would like to continue to extend the professionalism that Treasurer Gordon “has begun” to implement. Additionally, Meier indicated he would modernize some aspects of the office, saying, “We need an overview of the systems in the treasurer’s office,” Meier said. “There are some antiquated areas within the structure of the treasurer’s office that need some addressing, as far as the ability of the chief financial officer (of the state) to implement some of the decision they do on a timely basis.”

County Treasurers have, at times, clashed with Meier while he has chaired the Transportation Committee.  At a committee meeting last October, Meier told treasurers who were testifying to the committee about registration fees that their commentary was, “presented with little or no thought,” and indicated the group should find people with better math skills to prepare future testimony.

Meier will contend in the State Treasurer race against another current legislator, Leland Christensen.

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